Roman Titus

Creative problem-solving and dot-connecting.

My name is Roman and
I love to make shit happen.

For 5 or 6 years after college, I made pictures like these. At some point, I wanted to be part of making more than just photos.

So, I joined forces with a designer I knew and we started this creative studio, print shop and art gallery in Kentucky.


During that time, I began screen printing fine art prints and curating gallery exhibitions. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to work with some of these amazing artists, illustrators and galleries.

After a couple years, it was time to move on to a bigger city. So I moved to Chicago and co-founded this branding and digital design/dev studio.

Nelson Cash

And throughout this journey, I’ve gotten to work with a handful of solid brands and some of the great people behind them.

Google Boys & Girls Club P&G United Center
Landor VSA Thomson Reuters jQuery Knob Creek
Solemn Oath Brewery Philadelphia Tilde US Bank
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Moral of the story?

I connect dots to make ideas into reality. I'm a collaborative maker. The power of multiple brains connecting for the use of creating something new and different is exciting to me. The possibilities are endless there.

I'm interested in what the new creative team looks like, how it functions and most of all, building it.

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In case you care:

I used to look
like this.

Now I
look like this.

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